Vente privée ouvre sa marketplace

Très intéressant de voir Vente privée lancer une marketplace et ainsi se préparer à compléter son business model d’intermédiation par un business model de réintermédiation ! Un superbe portefeuille de services pour les marques et de la diversification dans les structures de revenus pour Vente-Privée.,284416

Un beau succès pour Izberg dont les fuites du projet marketplace date de Janvier 2017: Plus d’un an pour l’ouverture en Beta.

Par contre, il me semble que le nom « La grande cave », annoncé ans lsa-conso, pour de la vente en ligne de vin est déjà utilisé …


Actility collaborate with Opencell

“The partnership between Actility and Opencell significantly reduces the cost barrier to entry of addressing complex IoT business models and ensures the reduced time to market that’s critical in the fast-moving world of LPWAN,” concludes Olivier Hersent.

Actility collaborates with Opencell to offer class-leading IoT digital subscription services

Olivier Hersent, Actility CEO, explains: “Opencell provided the flexibility we needed to optimise the product billing features available within ThingPark Wireless to the complex and evolving needs of our network operator partners for their IoT billing & settlement. We have also integrated it completely in our IaaS cloud to manage the complex financial flows matrix of ThingPark Market for devices, applications and connectivity, and the related settlement requirements.” ​​

ThingPark Market select Stripe to grow in the US

The U.S. has been one of its top targets for developing ThingPark Market, and it built the platform from the beginning with U.S. government commerce requirements in mind. It already has sellers that want to be part of the industrial IoT market in the U.S., so now with Stripe, they have a seamless one-stop solution.

Actility selects Stripe as payments partner to power up US and global expansion for ThingPark Market

“Leveraging Stripe Connect, ThingPark Market will be a launchpad for the growth of industrial IoT powered by ThingPark in the US, and it will dramatically accelerate the growth of e-commerce as an engine for the growth of IoT, And Actility, around the world.” concludes Christophe Francois.