• International IT Development Support, Carrefour Management, Courcouronnes,

Set-up change request business process as Carrefour Group coordinating software vendor evolution management for Carrefour Greece, Ukraine and Poland.

Business process design using BPM, JiRa and office to set-up change request management process across Carrefour Group and Greece, Ukraine and Poland.

Acting in the Change Management for both Project organization and Change Request

Assignments: Integrate the experience of project management in the organization’s Best Practices

  • Capitalization and improvement axes in project management and during negotiation with software vendor

Assignments: Set up an IT change management process

  • Coordinate three IT Direction and an editor: in order to facilitate the IT convergence in three countries
  • Business process design, set-up, coordination and change management

Environment : BPM | ITIL | Jira| VBA | Access | Office | Lotus |